Get connected 

Shrew VPN Client  to a Netgear FVS338

how to connect Shrew VPN Client to FVS338


Hi @all,

I was looking for a Solution to get my Eee PC (using Windows7) connected through the Internet into my Intranet to do some Service from Remote and more :-)
In reality i did not found exactly what i was looking for and so i took an view on the Web.

Also i asked at Netgears Support but they pleased me to buy theyr VPN-Client and they really want to charge me for this, although i have bought the Box with 1 Client already.

Anyway, i could not find a Document right away fit my Request.

The Situation on the other Hand side was, i did not want get charged second Time for the VPN-Client.
So i found Shrew´s VPN Client-Solution which works really smooth and smart.
Thanks to Development of  Shrew-Net

That´s the Reason for i did all the Work by myself and everything works fine now.

I´ll give you 100% free Access to my Documentation. just drop me an @mail and ask for your free Accescode to get the Shrew-Solution.
Have tried to be as detailed as i could and the hole Backgroundstory is in there.
It shows you how to Setup, gives you detailed Informations and Understandings for your vpn-help.

Enjoy my Documentation and download the PDF HERE  afterwards you received an Accescode by Mail.

This Manual may work for fvs336 and others too.

Regards - Michael Friedl

VPN for Iphone and Netgear FVS338 click here for my Documentation

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